Story #1

21/12/2009 at 1:35 am (Others, Stories)

This is a story that my friend, Laurel, told me while waiting to board our plane home from Washington D.C.

One day, when Laurel was about six years old she decided that she wanted to take her cat for a walk. She had no dog, so her cat was going to have to do. So she clipped the leash to the cat’s harness and walks out the door. For the first while the cat sniffs around the edges of the neighbors’ yards and keeping a wary eye for dogs. Laurel struts down the sidewalk, quite proud of her cat and the fact that she is walking it all by herself. People pass by and stare, inflating her pride. But then, after five blocks she feels as if she is being weighed down and tries really hard to keep trudging on. When another two blocks goes by she decides that she can go on no longer and turns to sit on the edge of the sidewalk. It is then that she sees why the going had been so difficult: Her cat had been lying down the entire time, just being dragged around by Laurel.


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