College ≤ Hogwarts

25/10/2010 at 2:20 am (Epiphanies, Life)

While NOT working on the paper that I should have been working on and perusing IMDB I saw a blurb for the upcoming Harry Potter movie. This made me realize a sad truth, college is the nearest I will ever come to Hogwarts. Really, look at the similarities: you live at school, you have professors, you eat all of your meals at long tables with the people in your dorm or that you have classes with. I can even make comparisons between the different subjects: Chemistry = Potions, Fundamentals of Horsemanship = Care of Magical Creatures, Biology = Herbology, etc. We all dread papers requiring a certain length, though in our case it is usually word count instead of inches. Our dorm even has a common room (minus the fireplace) where we all congregate to work on homework, celebrate birthdays, and entertain ourselves.

Granted, we are allowed to be out at all hours without the slightest care from a fly, let alone our teachers. We stand in line for our food instead of it just appearing on the tables. And though there is a rivalry between us and another school, there is none apparent between dorms.

It is kind of a bummer that we cannot just fly around or play with unicorn foals, but I am pretty glad that my arm cannot be turned to jelly or start burping up slugs with a couple of words and the wave of a stick.


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