Stalls are Cleaned and Horses Fed

16/10/2010 at 4:11 pm (General, Horses)

Who in their right mind wakes up at 3:30 a.m. to shovel crap? The answer: A select breed of human called the Equestrian. Yes, not only do we get up hours before the sun rises, but we also do it somewhat happily. Well happily considering that we usually do not go to bed until midnight or so. But hey, when you are in love (because that is what this is) things just do not always make sense. Equestrians love horses like Addicts love cocaine. On one hand it grows worse with every minute spent around these creatures, but on the other, extended time without horses can result in withdrawal. The life of an Equestrian is more than a balancing act of time between work, school, the barn, and a social life, it is balancing the amount of time spent with and without our beloveds.

Of course, it helps when you are getting paid to muck stalls, feed, water, and sweep. The money does go back to horses though; it is a costly addiction with the bill owed to new tack, board fees, and extra curricular, such as IHSA. It is all for the love of horses.


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