If in Rome do as the Romans do

15/11/2010 at 5:48 am (Uncategorized)

Recently I have been stewing a new idea in my mind. It was poured in when my Art History teacher mentioned a study abroad trip to Italy for the next fall semester. I have been wanting to do a semester abroad since before I came to college, because I want to figure out if it might be a possible permanent residence in my future. There are two main issues that keep me from totally laying my chips on the table:

1. As an equestrian studies major with a concentration in equitation and training I am supposed to take a riding class every semester. This will be a tad more difficult if I am not in the country for three months.

2. My professor said that it would cost a little less than what I pay for a semester at Rocky (which is about four grand more than the other majors cost, excluding aviation). But I am not entirely sure that my financial aid and school scholarships will cover this. I basically pay the entire regular tuition and fees with that money, without it I could not even afford to go here, let alone go to Italy.

I already had a conversation with my equine instructor/ISHA coach/advisor (aka The Almighty Chris Brown) and she told me that it would not be much trouble at all to make up my riding class. Luckily, Rocky offers summer classes; this is even better since the prices are 2/3 the price of a normal class. It also looks like the classes only take about 19 days as well, which means that I could stick around after spring semester ends and still have plenty of summer left to work.

The informational meeting for the trip is this coming Thursday and I hope that my last question can be answered, along with a few others.

1. Cost; covered by finaid and school scholarships?

2. Classes available

3. What does the average day look like?

4. Where do we stay?

– dorm or host family?

5. What can we do on weekends?

6. How do the credits transfer?

7. How much money should I bring with me?

8. How do we eat? Stipend?

9. How do Student Visas work?

– cost?

10. Are any classes taught in English?

I really think that a semester abroad would be an awesome experience for me, so I really hope that it works out.


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