It’s Show Time

12/10/2010 at 4:30 pm (Horses, IHSA, Uncategorized)

This weekend was our first IHSA western show for Region 3 Zone 8, my first show in over two years, first non-4H show ever. Our team came home with about 25 ribbons, two of the 3rd place and one of the 2nd place being my contribution. Some of the horses were nuts! We had horses that reared, horses that ran, and horses that could put their head in a myriad of positions except in your hand. A couple of us drew the only experienced western pleasure horse in the herd, Junior, who was a handsome fellow with a lovely frame and a careful gait. All three of the horses I drew, including Junior, were the better of the herd behavioral wise.

On the way home I decided that I want to do better. During each ride I found something that needed improvement, mostly little things and one major thing.With more experience I will be able to find exactly what is acceptable in the show ring and what needs to be hidden from the judge’s wandering eye. So, I made some goals for this year:

1. Place in every class

2. Win at least 3 blue ribbons

3. Attend and place at Regionals

They all seem pretty reasonable, right? There were 10 riders in my classes this weekend, six ribbons were placed, we have 3 more shows with ~3 classes each, I only need 35 points to qualify for Regionals ( I already have 13). I figure that if I ride more often and work on my equitation vigilantly during class, then it will not be too difficult to at least keep on track with everyone else.

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