Did you hear what he just said?!

19/08/2010 at 3:57 am (Uncategorized)

Today was a mile marker in my academic career. I walk into my class and am just talking with everyone and eventually the teacher comes in. So he explains that he isn’t the Art History teacher and that he is just filling in so he really has no info for us. He ends up just talking about how teachers don’t always believe that their #1 reason for being at the school is to educate students and then he pops in the “F word”. It was so weird, because I have never in my life heard any of my teachers say anything more than hell and this guy was just spouting them out like it was some kind of adjective. I counted 6 of them through the 45 or so minutes that we were with him. It really isn’t a huge deal to me, his word choice is his decision, but it was such an odd experience.

Other than that the day was pretty uneventful. Browsed the library, went to an SAS (Services for Academic Success) meeting, chilled in my room, went to that above experienced class, chilled in the dorm again, went to a lunch meeting with the Equine kids (all girls except for the one guy from Maine who wears full on western wear), came back and took a nap, went to the clubs fair, chatted with some people (yes, I do have some social skills!), ate dinner, went to the gym and biked, had a floor meeting, chatted some more, went to this fire/live music thing where we “roasted” mallows on wooden skewers, chatted more, planned a swimming time for 6am tomorrow, then came back up to the room. And if I go to sleep now I will get nearly 8 hours in before swimming laps tomorrow! But I will probably pack for the camping trip first.


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